It’s shiny and new … the old website is dead, long live the new website! I have been blogging as medwaymaria since May 2008, and even though I no longer live in the Medway Towns, the name has stuck, like those childhood nicknames. But, since I moved to Swale in October 2008, I had a dream. That dream was to do with the ramshackle shed at the end of the garden. It overlooked an orchard, and if you looked at it through rose-tinted spectacles, ignoring the rainwater dripping through the roof and the gaps between the bricks, you could see a writing studio. This dream came true, thanks to a windfall and a team of builders.

So this new blog is called ‘The Word from the Shed’: I write words in my shed. It’s as simple as that.

Some of the old website has been cleaned up and made lovely; some of it has been ditched. I hope you enjoy what you see.