Cultured Llama Publishing

Cultured Llama, 2011–2023, was an independent publisher of poems, stories and curious things run by husband and wife team, Bob Carling (managing editor) and Maria C. McCarthy (poetry and fiction editor). Cultured Llama published forty two print books and two e-books before going out to pasture.

Thanks are due to Anne-Marie Jordan (non-fiction editor), Mark Holihan (graphic design), Maggie Drury (cover art and Cultured Llama logo), as well as many more who contributed cover art and assisted in so many ways.

Cultured Llama was a ‘not-for-loss’ enterprise, operated on a shoestring with no external funding, often dependent on the goodwill of volunteers.

Books published:

978-1-9164128-4-2 strange fruits (eBook) Maria C. McCarthy Sep-2018
978-1-9164128-3-5 Unusual Places (eBook) Louise Tondeur Sep-2018
978-1-9164128-2-8 The Hospital Ben Barton Sep-2018
978-1-9164128-0-4 Family Likeness Michael Curtis Jul-2018
978-0-9957381-2-6 The Other Guernica: Poems Inspired by Spanish Art Derek Sellen Jun-2018
978-0-9957381-1-9 Flood Jessica Mookherjee Apr-2018
978-0-9957381-4-0 Hearth Rose Cook Nov-2017
978-0-9957381-3-3 The Year of the Crab Gordon Meade Sep-2017
There Are Boats on the Orchard Maria C. McCarthy Jul-2017
978-0-9957381-0-2 After Hours David Cooke Apr-2017
978-0-9932119-4-2 Memorandum: Poems for the Fallen Vanessa Gebbie Aug-2016
978-0-9932119-8-0 There Are No Foreign Lands Mark Holihan May-2016
978-0-9932119-7-3 The Light Box RosieJackson Mar-2016
978-0-9926485-9-6 Les Animots: A Human Bestiary Gordon Meade Sep-2015
978-0-9932119-5-9 Zygote Poems Richard Thomas Jul-2015
978-0-9926485-8-9 Automatic Writing John Brewster Jul-2015
978-0-9926485-7-2 Cold Light of Morning Julian Colton May-2015
978-0-9926485-4-1 The Fire in Me Now Michael Curtis Nov-2014
978-0-9926485-5-8 Short of Breath Vivien Jones Apr-2014
978-0-9926485-0-3 Sounds of the Real World Gordon Meade Aug-2013
978-0-9568921-9-5 Notes from a Bright Field Rose Cook May-2013
978-0-9568921-8-8 The Night My Sister Went to Hollywood Hilda Sheehan Feb-2013
978-0-9568921-4-0 Unauthorised Person Philip Kane Oct-2012
978-0-9568921-5-7 The Strangest Thankyou Richard Thomas Oct-2012
978-0-9568921-3-3 A Radiance Bethany W. Pope Mar-2012
978-0-9568921-0-2 strange fruits Maria C. McCarthy Mar-2011

Short fiction:

978-1-9164128-1-1 London Calling and Other Stories Jeremy Page Aug-2018
978-0-9957381-9-5 Unusual Places Louise Tondeur Jul-2018
978-0-9957381-7-1 Dip Flash Jonathan Pinnock Mar-2018
978-0-9957381-5-7 A Witness of Waxwings Alison Lock Dec-2017
978-0-9957381-6-4 In the Wild Wood Frances Gapper Jun-2017
978-0-9568921-2-6 A Short History of Synchronised Breathing and other stories Vanessa Gebbie Feb-2017
978-0-9568921-1-9 Who Killed Emil Kreisler? Nigel Jarrett Jul-2016
978-0-9932119-9-7 Only the Visible Can Vanish Anna Maconochie Jul-2016
978-0-9926485-3-4 In Margate by Lunchtime Maggie Harris Feb-2015
978-0-9932119-2-8 The Lost of Syros Emma Timpany Jan-2015
978-0-9926485-1-0 As Long as it Takes Maria C. McCarthy Jan-2014
978-0-9568921-6-4 Canterbury Tales on a Cockcrow Morning Maggie Harris Aug-2012

Curious things:

978-0-9957381-8-8 Solid Mental Grace: Listening to the Music of Yes Simon Barrow Feb-2018
978-0-9932119-1-1 The Music of Business: Business Excellence Fused with Music Peter Cook Nov-2015
978-0-9932119-3-5 The Hungry Writer Lynne Rees Sep-2015
978-0-9926485-2-7 Do It Yourself: A History of Music in Medway Stephen H. Morris Mar-2015
978-0-9932119-0-4 Punk Rock People Management: A No-Nonsense Guide to Hiring, Inspiring and Firing Staff Peter Cook Feb-2015
978-0-9932119-6-6 The Ecology of Everyday Things Mark Everard Feb-2015
978-0-9926485-6-5 Digging Up Paradise: Potatoes, People and Poetry in the Garden of England Sarah Salway May-2014

Maria C. McCarthy’s strange fruits, As Long As It Takes and There Are Boats on the Orchard can be purchased by contacting maria(at)